A Quick Guide to Beauty Tips


When it comes to beauty there are a lot of things that come into perspective this are  the type of skin that you have and what you can apply on the skin and what you cannot apply on the skin there different factors to consider whether the skin is dry or if the skin is not dry there are different types of cosmetics to use or if you’re a natural person you can go natural with the herbal cosmetics, or you can make your cosmetics at home using the basic things like vegetables and fruits.

Oily the skin has been a big trouble to many because it has led to many  skin reactions  like acne whiteheads blackheads and also the  black spots the main remedy for this is to ensure you take vegetables then ensure you take a lot of water and avoid junk food in order to avoid  the calamity of enlarging pores.

Another beauty tip is when using the eyeliner there a lot of things to consider  the first and foremost is to acknowledge that there three different types of eyeliners this is the  liquid pencil and gel eyeliners  the most basic of them is the pencil eyeliner however by being easy it does not spread quite as easy as the gel or as the liquid eyeliner The liquid gel eyeliner comes with tubes and bushes and them may take a little while to dry up hence they require patience and precision. Learn how to do a winged eyeliner here!

when doing the job different short nail shapes can have different effects by this I mean the different colors have different effects on the appearance of the eyes of the person using the eyeliner for instance the use of  white lower water line makes your eyes appear bigger by using this if you have small eyes then you can use this technique to you advantage. The  use of the nude lower waterline makes the eyes appear awake, and no hangover so if it’s a Monday and you have that hangover that you want to hide after a tough Sunday this is the technique to use.

The basic problem of them all is the application of eyeliner this can be a challenge for beginners and it can be  rectified  with a basic stance, ensure your elbow is well rested on a farm flat area like a table and when applying the  eyeliner ensure that your pink finger rests on  your chick by doing this you can  have an easy time applying the eyeliner.